What’s the difference between a lgbt film n a normal film. True love
should be treat equally, shouldn’t it? Of course I’m not encouraging
that. But if u r that kind of ppl, why not be urself. It’s hard tho.

Yeah I get it, it takes a son to kill a father, but why did the whole
sequence feel so fastfood, so cheap? I shed a tear for the old
Lucas-style character buildup. JJ Abrams can make films full of visual
candies, films that can sell; but at this rate he will never make a good
film, a film that would never age. JJ Abrams literally created a “son”
that killed its “father”. 3 star, 1 for all the fan services thrown in
my face. You know what’s the worst part about this new “star wars”
franchaise reboot? It’s gonna be the next Avengers. Just watch it fly.


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